Who is Indie?

Indie is here to help you at work.

Imagine if your team knew that everyone really felt stressed at 3pm on a Thursday?

Well, that knowledge is power – if you know ahead of time, then you can all do something about it. That is what Indie can help you with.

Indie does not ask you any questions or demand anything from you.

How does Indie work?

She sits in the background and is programmed to look for ways to help you, and your team. Indie does not monitor your conversations or read your messages – She is a robot. Indie is simply programmed to look for certain words and linguistic characteristics, like a spell checker. The spell checker helps you spell correctly, Inidie will help your workplace be healthy. You don’t need to do anything other than go about your everyday work.

After sitting in your workspace for a while Indie can show you how you’re all doing. Indie will do that for the whole team, she won’t provide personal information.

What else can Indie do?

Indie is also a chatbot, so you can have a chat to her. If you want to share something or ask any questions, simply click on her like any other contact in slack and chat away.

Who can see my data?

Everything you do with Indie is confidential. If you have a chat with Indie, she doesn't share the details with your employer, that’s just between you and her.

Your privacy is important to us. Indie can’t tell your employer what you’re saying as she doesn't read your conversations like a human can. Indie will show workplace trends, so you can enjoy a healthy workplace. If you want to invite Indie into a private channel so she can help you create a happy workplace, then feel free.